Our clients

Ad Point builds up a strong relationship with their client by providing prompt service and promising service since a long times. The following are the company/Organizations that enlisted us as their vendor company as long times and build up an effective relations.

Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf.) BangladeshHerbal Cosmetics & Beverage
Ligion Herbal Ltd.Herbal Cosmetics Products
Elite Cosmetica Ltd.Herbal Cosmetics Products
Momtaj Herbal Ltd.Herbal Cosmetics Products
Rose Herbal Ltd.Herbal Cosmetics Products
SARMSteels Mills
Comfort Homes Ltd. (Comfort Sea Star)Real Estate Company
Comfort Homes Ltd. (Comfort Sea Star)Real Estate Company
H L Purbachal CityReal Estate Company
Transparent Homes Ltd.Real Estate Company
Air-Bell Development Technologies Ltd.Real Estate Company
Mutual Properties Ltd.Real Estate Company
Kishowan Snacks LtdFoods and Beverage
Banoful & Co. Ltd.Foods and Beverage
Ifad GroupFoods and Beverage
R. Bulb Co. Ltd. (Super Star Energy Saving Lamp)Electronics Products
Amrito Food Products Ltd.Food and Beverage
J & J Essential Products Ltd.Cosmetics Products
Ayesha Memorial Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd.Medical Service
M & D International Enterprise Ltd. (Victo Milk)Foods and Products
Tommy Miah’s Hospitality Management InstituteService
Rexsun GroupElectric Product
Regent Uni GroupChemicals Manufacturing
Hotel The Cox TodayResidence
Super Star GroupElectric Product
Bengal Biscuit LimitedFood & Beverage
Sara GroupDigital Scale
Top TenTailors & Fabrics
Asisn Town Development Ltd.Real Estate
Nawar Properties LtdReal Estate
Level 3Import & Export
Napier Properties Ltd.Real Estate
JB GroupTextile
Jams Developments Ltd.Real Estate
Zihan Auto rice Mills Ltd.Consumer
Nova Electronic Ltd.Electronics