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Ad Point has been established in January 1995 in Bangladesh with the objective to become a service provider that works for clients to create an effective and goal oneated advertising campaign aimed at representing the Company positively in the eyes of its target customers. Ad Point help clients to do just this by creating attention grabbing, persuasive and unique ad campaigns that make the brand stand out in the minds of customers. After over and done with some successful period Ad Point enhance their activity by providing service of audio Visual Production, Advertising. Short Film, Documentary Corporate Video Event Management, idea development & creation. Media Consultancy. Marketing solution. Graphic Design, interior Design and Printing & Production

It is our pleasure to introduce us as one the most reliable Advertising Firm has been working in Banglesh for the last 20 years. By making innovative TVC Paper Advertisement Mass campaign for country's renowned company's products /services every year, we have developed our innovation day by day. We are expertise in media planning, TVC booking and to telecast TVC in the all Satellite Television Just in time

Canada Tour 2015

Ad Point celebrated Bangla festival in Canada an outstanding way-a superb tradition being pursued over the years in abroad at 21 & 22 November 2015. That was a huge arrangement in Toronto celebrating Bangla Festival. About Ten Thousand Bangladeshi people were crowded in the program to enjoy this festival.

The objectives of that festival was to showcase Bangladeshi products, Services, Tourism and culture; Appreciate Bangladeshi Canadian achievements and contributions; Recognizing the outstanding services to Bangladesh and Bangladeshi-Canadian Community and Promote Bangladeshi Culture

The specific activities was include Cultural Program; Trade Show, Food, and Seminar. In the cultural program Ferdous Ahmed, Kumar Bishojit, Chandhon Sinha , Moutusi Parha were performed.

ATN Bangla a Babgladeshi Popular TV Channel acted as a TV Media Partner ;‘The Bengali Time’ a Canadian online Newspaper acted as an online Media Partner and ‘Bangla Mail’ a Canadian weekly newspaper acted as a print media.

We assume it was a great opportunity to promote your awareness program one step ahead to increase its likeability. The client’s also enjoyed a huge publicity in abroad and across home throw media before and after the event. The sponsor enjoyed ready stall for own camping.


Ad Point mission is to serve our clients better in this respect we are engaged in involving all types of latest technology innovation. Ad Point wants to provide a great service to build up an inspired and elegant relation with the superior client on the basis of deep understanding of behavior by following theory


Become the most sought after advertising and branding company across the nation with high creativity, performance and customer responsiveness.